Camping 101: Best Auto Accessories for the Ultimate Camping Experience


When you’re planning a camping trip, preparation is the key to a safe and enjoyable experience. There’s nothing like being alone in nature….as long as you are ready for whatever the journey brings you. Rest at ease knowing that you hit the road prepared. Here are some vital accessories you can use for your ultimate camping adventure.

Auto Accessories for Safe Camping

When you’re considering what to bring camping, focus on the products that are practical, user-friendly, and pieces that will completely enhance your experience. 

Lighting options

When you’re out in the wilderness, you are left with few options for illumination. But with the Type S HyperBright™ Smart LED Interior Kit - 24 Inches, you can improve your car’s interior lighting and appearance. Think of it as “functional style.” The kit features Hyperbright lighting that’s 80% brighter than the competitors, cut-to-fit lighting strips that can run 20 feet on a single power source. And with the TYPE S LED app, you can customize the light settings with 8 light modes and 49 brilliant colors.

Backup Camera

When you first arrive at your campsite, where you park your car is often strategic. Backing in is often the preference of many (including me). Backing into your campsite can present challenges, especially if you have trees or boulders to contend with. Put an end to that fear with the TYPE S Wireless & Solar Powered HD Backup Camera with Extended Battery. This is a must-have accessory, offering solar charging and a wireless connection to an HD monitor equipped with parking assistance grid lines. Designed with an extended battery, and exceptional night vision illumination, reverse in confidence no matter what time you pull into the campgrounds.

Jump Starters

Oftentimes, you get in and out of your car for various reasons when camping. It could be to get food, or other gear. It’s very easy to leave a device charging or a door open with the dome light on unnoticed, especially during the day. A drained battery is always inconvenient and can leave you waiting for a costly jump from an auto service, but the TYPE S 12V 6.0L Jump Starter with Qi Wireless Power Bank provides a high-capacity battery to jumpstart your vehicle. The jump box features an LCD screen with simple instructions, all-weather durability, spark-proof clamps for safe starts, two USB ports, an integrated wireless charging deck, and a multifunction LED flashlight with strobe and emergency SOS features. You can charge your electronic devices while relaxing at the campsite or jumpstart most vehicle types. Doesn’t get much better than that! 

The compact TYPE S 12V 6.0L Jump Starter with Integrated JumpGuide, is also a great, more cost-friendly option. It offers an 8000mah power bank, UL-approved clamps with overheat protection, USB-A and USB-C charging ports, LCD instructions and an all-weather design that operates in frigid temperatures down to -4°F.

Best Products For Ultimate Comfort

Seat Cushion

Not only do you need a comfortable ride to and from your camping adventure, you also need to comfortably relax outdoors with your friends and family. Picnic tables and folding chairs are comfortable for a brief time, but you can enhance your camping comfort with a TYPE S Gel Seat and Lumbar Cushion Set with Comfort Gel Technology. Designed with a carry handle, take your gel seat cushion for a picnic on the rocks, or to concerts and sporting events when you return to civilization.

Seat Cover

Protect your vehicle’s seats with a waterproof, stain-resistant cover.  The TYPE S Wetsuit Seat Covers Set with Comfort Gel & DRI LOCK comes with airflow channels for superior ventilation, completely  improving your ride’s comfort and guard against staining. Dirty kids and filthy pets can do a number on your car’s upholstery when adventuring in the woods.

Keep Your Food Fresh

Keeping your food and beverages at a safe temperature is essential on a camping trip. Impress your guests by storing your perishable food and drinks in the TYPE S Blizzard Box® 56QT / 53L Portable Electric Cooler with USB Charging. Simply plug it into your vehicle’s 12V cigarette lighter plug. This electric cooler features an adjustable thermostat, 1.5A USB charging port, and programming to automatically turn off when vehicle battery voltage gets too low. You can chill 80 cans without the hassle of using ice!

Camping is more enjoyable when you’re outfitted with the proper equipment. Stock up on these vital camping accessories before your next big trip to the great outdoors.